Eve Mattress vs. Tuft & Needle vs. Purple vs. Loom & Leaf: Which Mattress Is Best?
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Eve Mattress vs. Tuft & Needle vs. Purple vs. Loom & Leaf: Which Mattress Is Best?

Eve Mattresses have the 25-day option for trying out the mattress without even paying first. Tuft & Needle has more than ten thousand 5-star ratings. Purple has the no-pressure mattress for those with back issues since it’s a hybrid material. Loom and Leaf is for the eco-friendly primarily with their natural thistle flame retardant.
Covered in this report
Eve Mattress — Best Features
Try out the mattress for free for 25 days before even making one payment.
Responsive live chat as soon as you enter site.
Best for: Those who like to try out a mattress before committing.
Tuft & Needle — Best Features
4.9 stars on Google Trusted stores.
Heat wicking uses gel and graphite to stay cool.
Best for: Those looking for a very well-reviewed mattress.
Purple — Best Features
No pressure mattress combines cradling from soft and firmness of hard mattresses.
Firegard knit barrier helps to prevent fires.
Best for: Those not comfortable with a soft or hard mattress and would rather have a hybrid.
Loom & Leaf — Best Features
Natural thistle from a flame retardant.
Medical-grade gel for a cooling factor.
Best for: Green-minded people who want more eco-friendly and organic solutions.

In your search for the perfect mattress, you must keep in mind your own preferences and particular situation. That’s why you should be well informed about what all the mattresses are like. Here’s some info matched up side by side in order to help you figure out which mattress is best.

Eve Mattresses

Eve Mattresses lets you pay over a 6 month time period so you don’t have to pay all at once. You can even get 25 nights before paying with a 0% APR financing after a credit approval. Eve comes well recommended with a 5-star rating at Amazon and full SSL and Votpo. They’ve sold over 34,000 mattresses and claim that 50 employees are assigned to each customer.


  • Free Delivery and Returns-You can get your mattress sent to you for free, and you can send it back for free in the right circumstances.
  • Live Chat-A window comes up right away the exact second you make it to the website, so this will work well for those who want to ask a lot of questions when ordering online.
  • 100 Night Trial-Try out your mattress for 100 nights before committing to it.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is known for comfortable mattresses as can be attested by more than 10,000 reviews on Google and Amazon that approach 5 stars.  This is probably due to their anti-quick sanding solid layers and heat wicking to keep you cool.


  • Google Trusted Store-Tuft & Needle has a 4.9 rating out of 5 from over 6000 reviews through Google. There are barely any low ratings at all for the site, and Google even guarantees transactions up to $1000. In fact, if you add this up with Amazon, it’s more than 10,000 reviews at basically 5 stars.
  • Heat Wicking-The mattresses draw heat down into gel and graphite sections that keep you from getting overly hot while laying on it.
  • Support Layer to Prevent ‘Quicksanding’-One problem that many memory foam mattresses have is that they let you sink down into them too deeply, which then causes you to get hot because you’re surrounded. Tuft allows you to prevent this from happening by having a solid support layer.


Purple Mattress is known for their No Pressure mattress that tries to give you both back support and enough give for comfort in a hybrid approach. The focus is definitely on helping to prevent sleep disorders since nearly a quarter of Americans suffer from one.


  • Hybrid “No Pressure” Technology-This combines the benefits of a firm mattress that gives you proper back support so you don’t develop back problems, with comfort from soft mattresses. In particular, the claim is that it cradles around your shoulders and hips.
  • Knit Fabric-You have a combination of Viscose, polyester, and Lycra for the mattress material. It’s non-skid at the bottom and it has non-FR coating.
  • Firegard to Prevent Mattress Fires-This is a special fire retardant that makes use of the fabric content of the mattress to make sure the mattress doesn’t light up while you’re sleeping and can’t really react to it.

Loom & Leaf


Loom & Leaf is very much focused on the environment. This really sets them apart from the rest of the mattresses, since their features take into account environmental factors. This goes from their natural thistle for flame retardant, to their organic cotton and plant-based memory foam. They will appeal to those who really want to be eco-friendly the most by far.


  • Memory Foam Plant-based-The memory foam uses a plant base instead of one that is made with more harmful chemicals. It’s 5 pound premium foam that doesn’t have any off-gassing, according to the site.
  • Medical-grade Gel-The mattresses here may be pricier, but you get something for it. The Spinal Zone Gel used in these mattresses is medical-grade and designed to keep you from overheating while sleeping.
  • Organic Cotton-The cotton used is organic, and there’s also natural thistle for the flame-retardant instead of what other places uses, which is often far more chemical.

Head to Head


Eve mattress goes for $500 which includes $83 per month interest-free financing if you want it for a Twin mattress.

Tuft & Needle starts out at $350 for their mattresses, making them a sight cheaper than the Eve Mattress options, for example.

A twin mattress at Purple goes for about $700, so it’s definitely on the pricier side. They do have the 6-month 0 APR to make this more manageable, however. It’s worth noting that this is going to take a week before it ships in some cases.

Loom & Leaf goes for $1000 for their mattresses, although this is an online exclusive so you can’t get it in physical stores.


Eve Mattress features plush fabric cover, contouring memory foam, a supportive base layer and what they call a breathable cooling layer for a comfortable sleep. They have a long 100 day trial period and even 25 if you don’t want to pay first.

Tuft & Needle has strong features such as heat wicking to keep you cool and solid layers to prevent you from falling too far down in the mattress. They also have a 100 day trial just like Eve does, so these two are even on that score.

Purple boasts only requiring minor spot cleaning for its basic care with upholstery cleaner or detergent. The mattresses are more expensive, probably largely because of their No-pressure tech that helps give you support to counteract sleeping disorders while still being comfortable.

Loom and Leaf has a 75-day trial, which is actually less than the rest of the companies that offer 100 on average. The advantage with them, however, is that they can make mattresses without using chemicals like what happens with many other companies. They have organic cotton, for example. They have thistle instead of other chemicals for flame retardant. This is actually a major issue for many people who get mattresses since there’s often off-gassing from the flame retardant as well. Loom says that they don’t have any off-gassing.

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