Saatva vs Sleep Number vs Zen Bedrooms: Mattresses Compared
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Saatva vs Sleep Number vs Zen Bedrooms: Mattresses Compared

Saatva is far and away the best company in terms of customer service. They’ve won high marks from the BBB and Google Trust alike. Sleep Number is ideal for the tech-minded who want to gather information on their sleeping habits. Those looking for back and neck relief will appreciate the thick 2-inch memory foam options from Zen Bedrooms.
Covered in this report
Saatva — Best Features
Try out mattresses for 75 days without any fees.
15-Year warranty for defective parts for your mattress.
Best for: Those looking for reliable customer service above other concerns.
Best deal: 45 Day Home Trial, No Fees Or Penalties - [activate coupon]
Sleep Number — Best Features
SleepIQ tech lets you pair sensors in your bed with your smartphone to get info on your sleeping habits.
Earn up to $700 for referring friends who buy mattresses.
Best for: Those looking for hi-tech solutions such as SleepIQ data pairing.
Zen Bedrooms — Best Features
Get free shipping on most types of mattresses.
Extensive information on mattress ILD firmness and density rating.
Best for: Those who have back and neck problems looking for help through their mattress.

Mattresses are getting more advanced and more customized to give you better sleep every day. Everyone has different needs in terms of sleeping arrangements, however. Here are a few mattress companies matched up so that you can see which ones are a perfect fit.


Saatva has won awards for customer service excellence. They’ve appeared in the New York Times, and they have multiple support and product protection options. The company focuses largely on luxury items.


  • 75-Day Free Sleep Trial-Many stores offer “5-minute tests” for mattresses, but Saatva one ups them by letting you actually sleep on it for 75 days. You do still have to pay for the original shipping, but they won’t charge you restocking fees, or for pickup, or for any other kind of penalty.
  • BBB Award for Excellence-Saatva actually won an award for excellence from the Better Business Bureau for “high ethical standards in customer relations.” This includes their top “A+” rating.
  • Google Trusted Store-Saatva has protection from Google which ensures fraud protection up to $1000 and helps out with customer service issues. Saatva has a 4.8 star rating through Google.
  • 15 Year Warranty-Saatva ensures its mattresses within the first 2 years without any cost, from year 3 until year 15 you can get the mattress repaired for free except you do have to pay for transportation costs. If the mattress is entirely defective and needs full replacement, Saatva has a system in place where you can get a new one for 25% of the original costs between 3 to 5 years, 50% for 6 to 10 years, and 75% up to year 15.


Sleep Number

Sleep Number offers smart bed solutions for those who want to figure out how to sleep better. By monitoring your habits, you can often figure out how to adjust them to get better sleep. You can call them at 1-888-411-2188 for help with issues such as financing. You can do this through their live chat option if you want as well.


  • 24-Month Financing-This feature comes and goes, but the site sometimes gives you the ability to finance beds such as those with the Sleep Number tech for 2 years as long as you use a credit card.
  • SleepIQ for Smart Sleeping-This technology allows you to connect to sensors in your bed to gain information about your sleep habits. The tech lets you gain information by looking at your paired smartphone. This includes information about how much of your sleep was restful, how much was restless, and how much of it during the night you spend out of bed. You can also see timestamps and heart rates.
  • Inner Circle-This is a club you join just by purchasing a Sleep Number bed. You can earn $100 every time you refer someone who buys a bed. You can also earn $700 if you refer 10 people who buy beds. This club also often sends out savings you can access as well.

Zen Bedrooms

Zen Bedrooms has many options for bedding and a lot of information about that bedding, especially for those who need help with back and neck aches. Their focus appears to be on memory foam mattresses.


  • Living Social and Groupon Compatibility-There are apparently frequent deals from social media deal sites such as LivingSocial or Groupon that give you major discounts. An example would be deals on an 8-inch luxury mattress.
  • Extensive Information on Firmness and Density-If you click on any bed, such as the deluxe memory foam mattress, you can see information about foam density, which in this case is 2.5 pounds, which is on the side of low density and easier to move on. You also get visual charts on firmness according to the ILD rating. In this case, this is 11, which is right in the middle.
  • Free Shipping-Your mattress will usually get there in between 1 and 4 weeks in a cardboard box, and the shipping is free in most situations.


Head to Head


Saatva charges $1149 for a Queen set, and $1599 for a King Set. You can click on “mattress comparison chart” from the main page to see a full comparison of features between Saatva and other companies. This includes a 14.5-inch mattress height with memory foam and organic damask border fabric.

The Queen c2 mattress from Sleep Number with SleepIQ technology is around $1000.

Zen Bedrooms appears to be about middle of the road for pricing with an example being their Deluxe memory foam mattress with 1 inch of memory foam and 6 inches of base foam which goes for $1200. This is supposed to help with back and neck ache problems. The queen version is $1500, but since you get free shipping and there are frequent deals, this could often be much less.

Overall, Sleep Number seems to have some of the cheaper options, although Zen Bedroom mattresses run the gamut as well between an $800 mattress for dorm rooms and higher end “cool gel” memory foam King mattresses for $1800.


Saatva has a live chat option accessible right through their main page in the bottom left corner. You can click there, type in a message in the text box, and send your message right away. Saatva also has some eco-friendly options such as natural fiber and organic damask border fabric.

There’s a “chat now” box in the bottom right corner of the Sleep Number site with blue borders and a speaking box icon that you can click on to get instant support. When financing options are available, they require you to apply to get approved, and then you have to pay within 12 months or you get hit with retroactive fees for interest.

Reviews of Zen Bedrooms are fairly mixed, with some complaining about review altering practices. Some complain about the living social deals as well, or that the memory foam mattresses have a smell. The site claims this doesn’t happen, and reviews online debate it a lot, with plenty of people saying the beds are perfect. It seems like your mileage may vary depending on the product and what customer service agent you get. The main means of contacting Zen appears to be through an email form under “Contact Us.”

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Saatva Coupon: 45 Day Home Trial, No Fees Or Penalties - Activate
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